Eye Care​​​ Exams:

  •         Eye Health Exams for the whole family from our precious preschoolers to our treasured seniors
    • Prescription for glasses
    • Prescription for contact lenses

  •         ​LASIK  & Refractive Laser Surgery 
    • Pre Surgery Exam
    • Post Surgery Care

  •         Cataracts Detection & Surgery consult 
    • ​Pre Surgery Exam
    • Post Surgery Care

  •         Dry Eyes Detection & Treatment
    • Amniotic Membrane Treatment
    • Prescription medications : Restasis / Xiidra
    • Punctal Occlusion/ Punctal Plugs

  •         Glaucoma Detection & Treatment

  •         Diabetic Detection & Diabetic Eye care

  •         Macula Degeneration Detection & Treatment

  •         High Risks Medication Detection & Treatment

  •         Urgent eye care 
    • Red eye
    • Pink eye
    • Painful eye
    • Sudden Vision Loss

Eye Exams, Eye care

​​​ Experience Matters
 Our Doctors are experienced in treating  vision problems such as dry eyes problems, double vision, glaucoma treatment, macula    degeneration, and diabetes.   We are well versed in prescribing glasses and contact lenses prescriptions.  Our team has over 35+   years of experience and are ready to assist you with all your eye health needs.

 We often consult with patients who:

  • Are referred by other doctors for consultations for glaucoma, diabetes, and high risks medications.
  • Are recommended to come see our optician, Linda, to assist them in eyeglasses frame selection!

Eye Care Services

 Eyewear & Contact Lenses​

  •   Endless selection of eyeglasses including Fashion Designer brands like:
    • ​Tiffany & Co.
    • Ray Ban 
    • Oakley
    • and many more!
  • Eyeglass Lenses
    • Driving Glasses
    • Reading Glasses
    • Progressive Lenses
    • Computer Glasses
    • Shooting Glasses
    • Safety Glasses

  •         Contact Lenses Exam and Material 
    • 1 day contact lenses-- in stock for immediate purchase!
    • Monthly replacement soft contacts
    • Multifocals soft contacts
    • Speciality fit lenses--RPG's, Bitoric, Multifocals
    • Colors contacts
    • Sport Enhancement Contacts